Trip Report: Hadley Mountain Firetower

Chip the Ox out on a walk with his friend, and Hadley local, Fremont.

This is not a firetower.  This is an OX.  His name is Chip and I met him on his walk through town.  Why am I showing you a picture of Chip the ox when I’m supposed to be sharing our latest adventure to Hadley Mountain?

To draw you in and never let you go. ❤


So yes, I met a two ton ox in the Town of Hadley on our way home after a hike.  I can’t promise this will be your experience, too, but I can promise you won’t regret this hike!

Views of Great Sacandaga Lake

Hadley Mountain Firetower

Trailhead: head north through Hadley on Stony Creek Road; turn left on Hadley Hill Road; turn right on Tower Road; the trailhead will be on the left.

Distance: 3.4 miles

Elevation: 2,675′

I love this hike.  It’s one of those “hey we have a few hours to kill before we have friends over for dinner” kinds of hikes.  Short and sweet, and for those of us in the Capital Region of New York, practically in our backyard.  It’s a sparsely forested mountain, where you find yourself walking up slabs of rock, sometimes through running water.

Stacie and Max navigating spring thaw streams

But it’s not easy.  Hadley gives you very little warm up before you start to climb, it’s not a steep climb but it does go up for about a mile before you get a break.  And when you hit that straight patch, breathe easy because you only have a few short hops up before you see the tower.

Mark on a rock slab caused by one of many forest fires

Oh and that summit; big, bald and beautiful.  The tower is open year ’round, however the cabin at the top is usually only open during the summer.  Expect wind and bring an extra layer for the top so you’re able to find a nice rock and hang out for a bit.  This is one you’re going to want to spend some time on.  I always do!

Max and Mark enjoying the view; Stacie below, trying to not get blown off the tower
Hadley Tower, Max is there somewhere

And on your hike back down to your car, remember there is a chance you might, too, see//pet//ride a giant cow.

BONUS! Hadley General Store


Second best stop to make in Hadley (if you don’t run into Chip) is the Hadley General Store at the corner of Stony Creek Road and Rockwell Street.  Grab a hot sandwich at the lunch counter and a brownie as big as your face.  Chat with the locals who are friendly and welcoming and love that you are 1) in their itty-bitty town, and 2) are staying long enough to say hello!

And then make it home in enough time to have dinner with friends.


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