Happy Plant a Flower Day!


It’s National Plant a Flower Day!

From my seat over here in growing zone 5b, I’m instead going to take the time to plan my flowers for the up-coming season.

Because the ground is frozen.

And we still have about six inches of snow on top of it.

(Know your growing zone?  If not, check HERE.)

On the ticket: my favorite geraniums, lots and lots of geraniums.  We have a family history of growing these beauties in Southern California, so it feels like important pieces of my story are here with me as I spread them around the inside and outside of my house.

And thanks to Mark, they’ll spread even further around my house as he has tentatively agreed to build window boxes, in which I will fill with the reddest of red geraniums I can find!

Not geraniums, but pretty, nonetheless!

Friends, I hope this nearly spring day is filled with warm, happy, and hopeful thoughts of new growth and new life; because in the darkness of winter, there is always the promise of spring!

And happy birthday to the best dad in the world ❤

I’ll plan a special flower just for you!

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